Ableton: Embrace and Extend!!! LiveSets and Link

  1. Import Ableton Live Sets!

So many Apps save their Groove-Sets as Ableton Live Set. Its a quasi-standard…
These Sets should be importable vor Groove Agent into Cubase. Groove Agent has everything to be an Ableton-Killer. So please use this and implement a Live-Set Importer!!

Look at this:
How fine would that be, to use it in Groove-Agent!

And implement it as mini Groover within Cubasis: Predefined Drumstation like the drumstations within Cubasis with an additional Tab to trigger them via Midi-Patterns (into which the Live-Sets should be transformed). Complex, but easy, and: Would make Cubasis the greatest IOS-DAW ever!!!

  1. Implement Ableton Link!

We all know, why this would be great: All Apps run instantly the same BPM and start the same. Would be easy to implement.
Why implement a competitors technology? Because its good - and customers will stay with you! (Others stayed in the market via implementing VST from Steinberg, so why not do the same from time to time?)
Please use the old MS Strategy: Emprace the technology of your Competitor - and extend it. (why then should your customers use or want to use Ableton, if you do that?).

Ableton link would be amazing.
It’s unbelievable that integration between DAWs and hardware still is an issue in 2019. Ableton link is a real good start and already implemented in loads of hardware.

This might encourage Ableton user to buy Cubase… because IMO, ableton users need a much better mixing, editing, and deeper programming UI…

Write/produce in Ableton, finish in Cubase. That’s what I tell my Ableton friends.