ABLETON LIVE + DÓRICO. Rewire protocol please

Hi !!
i’m up to migrate from Finale to this awesome Dorico, but , i see ( and i’m not the only one ) that Rewire protocol feature is missing :frowning: or some feature to sync with most used DAWS like ABLETON, LOGIC etc …
please , please i beg you add this feature in a future upadate.
There are many of us asking yo for Rewire this beautiful DORICO with our DAWS

all the best

Rewire has been discontinued, but the team are aware of people’s needs in working with DAWs.

Ben ! it’s nice to receive your answer :slight_smile:

So sad about Rewire , but , Ableton has the Ableton Link protocol to sync another apps :slight_smile:

that would help us enormously

thanks again

Hi ADKMtz,

I saw this on the Ableton site:

ReWire has been deactivated in Live 11. The developer, Reason Studios, ended support for ReWire in 2020.

As an alternative to ReWire, there are three common methods for routing audio between Live and other software on your computer. You can find more information in our How to route audio between applicationsarticle.

Link is a technology that keeps Link-enabled applications synchronized in time over a local network and is available in Live 9.6 and later.

Applications can also be connected using a Virtual MIDI bus (if they are on the same computer) or a Virtual MIDI network (to connect with other computers).

I don’t know if this will work with Dorico, but ReWire is end off live.

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Dear Marien , your so kind for reply this :slight_smile:
i’ve been using Loopback y audiobus for a while. Your post gave me another great ideas too. The problem is the Sync issue ( i know , we can make the edit ) im looking forward ABLETON LINK that is awesome and another apps have adopted besides REWIRE ,
so i hope we have a tool for syncing

Very thank you once again
best !


Hi Adrian,

I am very curious how you would like to work with Ableton and Dorico.

I work with Ableton, Pro Tools, Finale and recently Dorico. I’ve been toying with the idea of linking a notation program to a DAW for some time now.
The idea is to compose in Dorico, sync with Ableton (or Pro Tools) and then, bit by bit, make the recordings in the DAW. Replacing a staff one by one with a recording…

I’m curious how you see this.

Please keep us posted.

Regards, Marien


Marien :slight_smile:

That’s the way i worked with Ableton and Finale synced.

I’m working with Staffpad ( for me is the best software to write scores , actually ) and Dorico
Staffpad let you write directly with pencil it’s awesome , try it out.
iF Dorico or StaffPad has the sync feature our problems would end hehe

Sadly for now , Staffpad hasn’t a desktop version , so , i write directly with pencil in Staffpad to creat a blueprint then i send it to Dorico.
That’s why i would Dorico with a Sync feature like ABLETON LINK

I’d compose the orchestral feats in Dorico and the syncing feature to monitor and recording

Hi Adrian,

NotateMe Now is also a program where you use a pen to notate music.
I bought it a few years ago. That was a waste of money, it is an absolutely useless program.

Staffpad seems very interesting and I will definitely buy it. But first a new iPad with pencil…
For me, note input with a pen is very high on my wish list. It would be nice if Dorico-for-iPad could do this too.

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Absolutely if Dorico for iPad could work with pencil , wonderful !

But in the mean while this workflow ( making the core blueprint in Staffpad and send it after to Dorico , works great for me until now ) just missing the Syncing part

let me know if Staffpad worked for you as well for me