Ableton Push 3 support/integration

Ableton Push 3 is a great controller that gives tons of features and possibilities, can speed up workflow for any music producer. Unfortunately, it works only with Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reaper, so we need to choose other hardware controllers, that can be worse than Push 3.

REQUEST: Please, add the possibility of using Ableton Push 3 with Cubase

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Just as an fyi, the tool is already provided to create such an integration – the Midi Remote. But this device sounds quite complex, and needs to be developed by someone like Abelton, or some 3rd party developer.

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I totally agree with Steve.

The thing is that this controller is just too pricey, while at the same time, one cannot always have unlimited space for controllers unfortunately. So, if for example, I had decided to build an integration for it, I would have to heavily rely on users of this device for feedback in all testing stages. This would add overhead which cannot be justified by the fact that most of us are doing this type of things for free, even if it’s actually fun and pleasant :slight_smile:

@arkdzo , I would suggest that you make a feature-request at Ableton’s as well, they are the ones who know the controller in and out very well obviously, and I think that their devs would handle such case with ease. Note that scripts officially bundled with Cubase are many times contributed by the manufacturers, as we can see in the comments of their source code.

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It’s called “collaboration”, I hope Steinberg and Ableton guys can communicate and figure out how to make our lives better. We as music producers just need to vote for this request - to show that we want to use this hardware with Cubase. I already created a request on the Ableton forum, but they wrote to me that it’s better to write a request on the Steinberg forum) It looks like a Ping-pong game haha)

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Or bring back Rewire protocol between these 2 DAWs.

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I created a MIDI Remote that integrates the Push 2 with Cubase. Unfortunately, I then traded in the Push 2 for the Push 3 and the API for the Push 3 is not yet available and is more complex.

Some of my previous development works for the Push 3 but it’s not entirely in order yet.

Ableton Support
To set up Push 3 with Cubase, the general steps involve connecting Push 3 to your computer via the USB-C port, accessing Cubase’s MIDI device manager to add a new generic remote, and manually mapping the controls of Push 3 within Cubase. Please note that the process might slightly vary depending on your Cubase version:

  1. Connect Push 3 to your computer via the USB-C port.
  2. Open Cubase and go to the MIDI device manager (usually found in the Devices or Studio menu).
  3. Add a new generic remote and select Push 3 as the input and output.
  4. You can then manually map the controls of Push 3 to functions within Cubase.
    The depth of control over Cubase using Push 3 may not match that experienced with Ableton Live. Similar setup steps are needed for Push 3 to function with Bitwig or Reaper, requiring manual control mapping.

Best regards,
Ableton Support