Abort Plugin Scan

Would anybody else find the option to “Abort Plugin Scan” useful during the WaveLab launch process? Logic Pro has it and I use it nearly every time since I often go months between opening that DAW and I don’t care about plugins in that DAW. I usually just need to open in briefly to do or check something.

Anyway, it seems that every time I need to open up WaveLab Pro or Elements (I have both) real quick once on my laptop to check something and I don’t have my iLok handy, I spend 10 minutes waiting for the latest plugin scan and have to press QUIT dozens of times on each plugin that can’t authorize without the iLok.

10 minutes later, I can finally listen to or analyze the file I wanted to open.

Yes definitely. I’ve waited much longer than I’ve wanted to or needed to in many cases in the past.