Aborting export deletes ALL cycle marker exports so far

Hi dear colleagues,

I have been bitten by this annoying behaviour the other day and more often since:

When I export several cycle markers and decide to abort at say marker 5, it deletes ALL FILES created before, so my whole export is just gone.

This is not a good thing, what do you think? I know 5.5.6 is the last build, but still, maybe there is a way to change this?

Also, export settings are not saved per project, which would be GREAT! I have to check file format, channels etc. every time I export. It only seems to remember the directory (most of the time).

Any ideas?

Thanks for any tips,

My workaround has been to copy the desired files to another location before aborting.


Thanks Chewy, good idea!
It isn’t a good idea for Nuendo to behave like this though :-\

I agree! Was thinking about this just the other day. But you went and posted it! Here’s to you…