Aboslute 2, dowload issue.

Hi, Need to get my studio in order, got work to do :blush:
I purchased the absoulte 2 online, started to download and installed the Steinberg download assistant. :smiley:

but then Murphys Law comes crushing Down, and discovers my happy moment. The last instrument to finish its download is Halion 5. When It ends I get this en error notification.
Steinberg dowload assistant Error.png
I have already contacted support. But since this is really important for me (I have plans :nerd: )
So im writing here incase someone have already had this issue, and knows what I’m doing wrong and can help me sort it out before Support gets on it.

Kind Regards


Does it let you go ahead and install it without Halion?

You can try to download Halion 5 separately. It is available on downloads page.
As long as you have a valid license for it.

But I don’t have the Absolute 2 and not sure if you need to install it in one go using the download assistant or not.


I will try to do that. Ty for the suggestion.

That led me to finding my failure. Much appriciated!

I forgot to use as admin, when starting steinbergs download Assistant.

Now everything is installed. Happy days!