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Hello Chaps
Just a short info: there is a new collaborating Union for the creative audio media industry!
It is called Audio Ocean Union and the number of members is nicely growing by the day.
Our aim is to host tens of thousands of members, thousands of groups, millions of discussions within these groups, in several languages supported and moderated by professionals and a multi-language editorial staff. Pro Membership is 4.- Euro a month, there’s a free Prospect Time, a Students rebate and a corporate fee. For each successful invite a friend to the AOU you get a bonus ( could pay for your membership). Beside Engineers of all branches, there will be musicians and composer, promoter and agencies, a.m.m. All memberships are being approved by the board of Admins. There won’t be loudmouths or wannabes, but all questions, all opinions and all discussions are welcome and encouraged.
The long-term goal is to join forces for an instrument to recreate the pricing structure of services within our industry to come back to a status of mutual appreciation.

Some features:
-a job exchange with freelance services booking tool
-a marketplace for your hardware, software, downloadable goods or sheet music, …more…
-a showcase group, where professional members are able to present their latest projects, CDs, scores to colleagues by sharing files, music and videos for qualified feedback
-a lounge where you can share your opinions and thoughts and a jukebox for placing your favorite clips e.g. from Youtube. Give and receive commends on them
-and there is a Nuendo group, as well, in which members can post and discuss anything connected with Nuendo and other SB stuff, but not in competition to this Nuendo Forum
-soon, there will be a section for presenting, reporting, evaluating and discussing new hard- and softwares

Also: unlike the search of Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn you will be able to find members, quotes, etc. even within discussions or user profiles by simply typing in a few characters. The possibilities on this forum ( though it is much more than that ) are going further than FB, Xing and the like.

Come on, try it and visit Audio Ocean Union at:

There’s is a 50% discount on all memberships till 31st of December….

Big K


Best of luck.

Since you don’t seem to have any content yet (other than your own PR), and there are plenty of longstanding industry-specific forms as well as general ones like Gearslutz, how do you propose to get paid members? Seems like a chicken/egg problem…

Hello Jay…
It is not my job or problem to recruit members and I would probably be the wrong person for the job, anyhow. But content is in preparation and will be on pro-level from what I’ve seen. There is a team of smart people ( not me …) behind AOU. They even develope the software tools and forum features, themselves. Those features and, soon, content and connections to industrie and customers should prove it well worth to spend some bucks on membership. We’ll see …

Those 4 Euros are not paying for much, but this fee keeps those out who don’t recognize the benefits or are not really interested in becomming a member of the community. Anyway, … I guess, when the job exchange and the selling feature is online the Union will become increasingly interesting to a wider range of pro audio people, just for that.
So, it is the hen which lays …objects that begin more and more to resemble true eggs.

Big K

Btw., we got the marketplace for selling studio stuff online, now.