About authorization of Dorico Pro

Dear everyone
I was using trial of Dorico and Cubase by now
and just before, I bought the licenses of both (pro versions)
Now I have the license keys of both

In my computer, trial versions of both are installed now

I searched the forum and read the manual, however I cannot find the right process of authorization

So my question is

What is the right process of authorization of both?

Should I delete whole trial versions first and reinstall them?
Or do you need not to reinstall them and authorize them while running trial versions?

Thank you and have a nice day

Open Steinberg Activation Manager, log in with the your Steinberg account details and your paid licenses will appear.

The trial applications are identical to the paid ones (and for that matter even if you switch from Dorico SE or Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro it’s the same application) so there is no point uninstalling or re-downloading the installers.

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Dear Leo
Oh, thank you for your prompt answer
Now I understand

Have a nice day and see you again, Leo
Take care

Oh, Hello, Leo
I am sorry however I just tried to activate the license using Activation Manager
but I didn’t work
I successfully loggin to steinberg.net homepage but still I don’t know how to activate it

Can you be specific about what is happening in Steinberg Activation Manager when you try to activate?

Hello, Daniel
Nice to see you again, Daniel

Now I solved the problem

I couldn’t activate thru activation manager

I opened the Steinberg Download Assistant
There is a menu “Enter your Download Access Code” where I input the download access code

After that, I restarted the activation mananger, where it says Dorico Pro is activated now

So now I can use Dorico all right

So thank you for your concern and see you again, Daniel
Take care