About Cubase 9.5

Cubase 9.5, sometimes get stuck and sometimes crashes while opening the project.

Channel Batch Export does not work properly. Exported audio tapes are not synced.

The new Gain function slows down the computer and is very uncomfortable to use.

Lower Zone can’t be turned off in general.
So, I unclick Lower Zone the Setup Window Layout but when I click on an audio track, the Lower Zone reopens.
Is it possible that it’s so stupid done?

It would be very useful if Cubase Mixer showed Gain Reduction on each channel.

I don’t know how satisfied you are, but I thought about changing DAW.

Which Cubase version (Elements, Artist, Pro)?
Are you on the latest update 9.5.20?
Your computer specs and OS might be useful.
Are there particular plugins involved in the Projects that you see this problem on?
It’s not something I suffer from (along with most users) so most probably something on your system/set-up which most probably can be solved.

No idea what you’re talking about here, can you be more specific?

You need to change your preferences so that editors open in their own window rather than the lower zone if that is what you want.
Go to Preferences/Editors and select as appropriate.

I’m very satisfied and most if not all of your issues can be solved.

I have similar computer as you. i7 4790K, 32GB RAM, win7. I didn’t update last Cubase. So I still use 9.5.10.
I will update. Also I will try to find option to set editors open in their own window rather than the lower zone in Preferences/Editors instead of Setup Window Layout.

I hope Channel Batch Export will work as it should in the latest version.

I mean Gain into Direct Offline Processing window. I preffer the old way (fader instead of cyrcual knob) and how gain working on v.8, but I will disable Auto Apply option and will be better.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve forgot the most important thing!
No one editor can configure the grid to show the triplets.
I thought first that only the wave editor can’t show triplets, but now I see that the midi (drum map) grid can’t shows the triplets.

I still hope that I do something wrong here, because it’s unbelievable that a serious program works like this.