about cubase 9 pro upgrade , minimal base OS ?

Hello Steinberg guy , I am on osx 10.10.5 , some shop online said the minimum required is OSX 10.10 but you said on your site it is only for 10.11 minimum.

Can you tell me if cubase 9 is compatible with OSX 10.10.x ?


I would like to know this too. Running Yosemite quite happily at the moment with 8.5. I’m not touching this until I see some kind of confirmation of stability on 10.10.5. A new computer is inevitable, but not until next year at the earliest.

The stability of cubase 8.5 under 10.10.5 is just perfect , I am about to upgrade to V9 but i will not upgrade my OS/computer.

It’s not officially supported and we cannot say anything regarding the compatibility and performance on any older systems. It would be trial and error unfortunately.

jonalynkrauth - please report back with with how things go with CB9 on the older OS!

Cubase 9 works perfectly on Yosemite 10.10.5. No issues whatsoever. I’ve been running it on two machines with Yosemite for hours today. BTW, I’m also running Sound Radix’s 32 Lives and every one of my 32 bit plugins work like a charm as well.

thx for the info weasel

i don’t have upgrade yet , but i will report if everything work properly.Wait for confirmation :wink:

upgrade downloading… in about a few hours I will tell you if you can do it too.

Okay , Cubase 9 is running on 10.10.5 but the plugin blacklist is a nightmare !! don’t upgrade to V9 until you are under sierra…

Explain nightmare. Weasel seems up and going fine…?

Explain nightmare. Weasel seems up and going fine…?

I think I know what he means but I wouldn’t use the word “nightmare”. PITA is more like it. Once C9 initially goes through your plugs, it throws a lot of stuff into the blacklist…deservedly or not. The PITA part is scooting through that list and recognizing what needs to be reactivated and what doesn’t. There no search function and the entries list location first…so it’s hard to read. Fortunately, you can look down the right side column for the 32/64 bit identifier to see what plugs have the possibility of being reactivated and go for them first. It’s time consuming, but once you’re done, that’s it.

I looked at it the same way I did when I began to rebuild my workspace and preference settings…just part of the process of setting up the latest version as I have with every other major Cubase upgrade. And since this is basically a Mac thread, I will once again highly recommend 32 Lives if you have some old 32 bit plugs you simply can’t live without because they are no longer supported or have no real 64 bit equivalents. In my case it brought NI’s B4, Pro53 and Hypersonic 2 back to life with full GUIs and better CPU performance that they had under C8.5.

okay it work under yosemite , but i had a lot of blacklisted plugins .
I have upgraded to sierra , and C9 work better / quickly and in the end , only 2 blaclisted plugins.
I think it is a waste of power to use it under yosemite.

I’ve found 9 to be nice and snappy so far. Yes, waving goodbye to several 32-bit blacklisted plugs was a shame, but I’m not holding SB responsible for this. Honestly, some of these software developers really need to get up to speed. Installation went fine and spent a full day testing everything out on 10.10.5. All seems to be working fine. Enjoying working with the updated EQ and Compression plugs.