About Cubase fonctionnality

Hi folks,
I’ve been interested in Cubase for a long time and the latest version of the software seems to be of great quality. However, I am a Digital Performer user and one of the features I particularly appreciate in this software is the ability to orchestrate very easily from a piano part, for example, by selecting the notes I want to either cut or duplicate to any instrument in my nomenclature.
I wonder if cubase can do this as easily. If I read the midi editing options carefully, I can obviously see that it’s possible to copy and paste a selection to another voice, but to do this I have to position the cursor in the right place, open the desired track and paste my selection. This is extremely tedious and would make me give up using Cubase for this reason alone. Is there an easier way of doing what I want to do? Thank you in advance for your help.


You can open both MIDI Parts at once. Then you can copy from the source one, switch focus to the other MIDI Part and Paste at Origin. This will Paste to the origin position and you don’t have to place the cursor.

thank’s Martin. That means that I have to load all the tracks where I want to copy music. In DP I just have to load the piano part for example and I’m able to copy and pase or merge the music into an other instrument without beeing obliged to load it. It’s very usefull because the track line is light ;I just have my piano part.

Cubase is very track based at its core. You can send one track to several destinations, ie. loaded instruments but only entire tracks, not sections ((well, I guess with automation it could be done).

So, in DP you neither have the track nor the instrument. What do you have then? A placeholder “there will be something here in the future”? Maybe you can link to a video what you actually do in DP in order for us to better understand it.


Cubase is not track based in fact. In this case, Cubase is totally MIDI Part oriented. If you open a Key Editor and delete the source MIDI Part, the Key Editor closes. Because there is nothing to show in the Key Editor anymore, the source of the data doesn’t exist anymore.

The new Cubase 13 Visibility in the Key Editor is very new area, where you can see a link between a MIDI Part and the source MIDI Track. This is quite big step in Cubase.

The poin of my message is, that Cubase cannot simply transfer MIDI data from one MIDI Part to another one, if the other MIDI Part is also not loaded somehow (opened in the Key Editor).

Some kind of workaround might be using the Logical Editor, where you can filter the MIDI data and then Extact to Track, or Copy, or Insert. But you cannot simply choose the destination, where do you want to paste the data. You can read more aout the Logical Editor Functions here.

The only solution I can imagine is to use the multi-timbral instrument. Then you can simply change the MIDI Channel of the MIDI message, or you can Insert a new MIDI Message with another MIDI Channel (by using Logical Editor). But then you are limited by 16 MIDI Channels only.

Hi Johnny,
Actually, what I mean is that my preferred way of composing or arranging is to load only a piano part on the screen, but of course I already have all the tracks for the instruments I want to use in my setup.
For example, I want to orchestrate a piano part for a wind quintet; of course I have the track for the piano, but I also have a track for each instrument in the quintet. When I’m working, I load only the piano part and choose the notes I want to transfer to one of the instruments, without having to load them in the editing window.
Once these notes have been selected, I choose to paste them into the desired track and the data is inserted into the instrument without having to position the cursor or open more than one dialog box (as shown in the attached image).

Thank’s martin,

I guess that the best way to know for me is to try Cubase if it’s possible to download a trial version.

This would make for a nice feature-request in Cubase.
The dialog you posted shows quite a few options but what you describe is actually a “paste special” function that lets you select the track where to paste the clipboard to.

I like that idea. AFAIK there is no such feature in Cubase.
Maybe the new Key Editor in Cubase 13 with the new multi-part editing would give you good results. It is a different concept to what you are used to in DP but you might get the same mileage out of it.

Yes, I’ve already seen this video but it doeesn’t exactly describe the fonctionnality I want to use. I would like to move to Cubase because DP is unstable on my computer and I often have to reboot after crashes.
But I’ll accept this “little” problem only because there is this unique feature in DP and I’m wondering why it doesn’t exist anywhere else.