About Cubase purchasing

Hello everybody! I am about to purchase Cubase 10.5 PRO with included e-licenser USB. Before i purchase it I have some questions. So I live in Bulgaria and im not familiar with this whole process, i mean when I actually purchase the product how the things works ? I see when I finish the payment it gives me instant access for download Cubase.Okay, but without e-Licenser i can’t register Cubase and continue with the installation.And in purchasing screen of e-Licenser is shown as Box, does that mean I have to wait for the e-Licenser to arrive at my address by courier and after that to start with the full installation of Cubase ?

you can install it but it wont run until you register your dongle at my steinberg and put the license on it with the activation code

Hmm…okay, but does that mean that i have to wait for the dongle to be delivered at my address, or after purchasing there is some kind of registration/activation code that is going to be sent to my email or something ?