About Dorico uniqueness

Small note: I’ve never known how to input rests in Cubase Score! :wink: :laughing:

As I remember, rests just happen when a note is shorter than the space between it and the next note!

Right! Exactly as it happens in Cubase.
My small note doesn’t want to be polemic or critical. But nothing is worse, when you are trying to promote your software, than claiming something as unique when it isn’t exceptional… :wink: Probably I’m suggesting only to delete that reference to a footnote. :slight_smile:

The footnote says that the comparison is with “other commercial desktop scoring software”. Cubase is a wonderful and capable program, but it is not primarily a scoring application, which I think even you, Alberto, as one of the most expert users of the score editor inside Cubase would concede.

Daniel thank you :slight_smile: I hope that my objective was clear: avoid overselling :wink:

For me, and for many others, Cubase Score has been the main score program for years (even better than Sibelius or Finale), and this forum is inside Steinberg house… :wink: So I would avoid that footnote, mainly because there are tons of Dorico features that are really unique and wonderful. :exclamation:

But I understand perfectly your point! :slight_smile: