about elicenser. Please help.

Hi my name is Yoon Sang Chung from Seoul, Korea.

I have bought a focusrite scarlett studio package.
I have downloaded the cubase LE 8 which was included in the package on my windows PC. Then I activated the licenser code.
Problem happened to my PC, so that I downloaded the cubase to my Macbook pro. Then I tried to activate the elicenser, but it says that I cannot use the licenser more than once.
I will not be able to use the cubase in my PC.

Is there a way that I can delete my licenser code in my PC and renew it in my Macbook? I wasn’t even able to use it due to my computer problem. I finally got it ready in my macbook, but now I can not use the elicenser.

Please help.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Yoon Sang Chung

Reactivating a license consists of two steps:

  • Requesting a new activation code via your MySteinberg account.
  • Using the new activation code in the eLicenser Control Center on your computer in order to download a new license.

Check this out: