About exporting in png

Can I export my score as a a full mage in horizontal ? I mean something like in the galley view. I have dorico elements. If I can how I should do it?

You cannot export the galley view of a project in any version. You can only export actual score layouts (basically, anything that can be printed).

You could add a score layout (or adapt the Layout Options of your existing one, if you never intend to print it!) so that it has a custom page size that is much wider than it is tall, then export that.

See changing the page size and/or orientation for how to do this.

For smaller extracts, you could also use graphic slices.

…but not in Elements.

Doh, of course. For more information, please reread, Lillie… (apologies for the misdirection)

Thanks for the answe but I do not understand what you say. Can you guide me?
I modify the page and it’s ok… I can adjust it as I want I guess…

but if I want to export as PNG.

I can’t modify the size ?

Do not worry, thank you anyways…

I suspect if you ignore the preview (which is a print preview, not an export preview), the actual PNG will come out the right size.

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I can confirm this works. I once made a layout that was 30" wide so I could generate a YT vid with continuous scroll.


Yep you are right! Thank you so much for your answer this is perfect.

and the result

Yeah! I want to do that! Thanks!