About extended Mixer view?

I like to put my mixer on my second monitor and have it in extended view. Each time I create a new channel the extended view shows EQ’s. I can alter this from the drop down menu and select Meter, which is how I want it. But I have to do this every time since extended view appears to default to EQ’s.

I would have thought it obvious that the default extended view would be user selectable but, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do it. I’ve looked through preferences and read the manual regarding the mixer but cannot find any information regarding how to set default extended view.

Am I missing something simple (often the case) or is this just how it is?

No, I don’t think you’re missing anything. I prefer to have the channel strip on newly created tracks default to the meter, but it’s always on inserts.

I know there’s been many, many requests to rework the mixer and I’m hopeful that Cubase 7 will bring these badly needed changes.


Thanks for the reply. That pretty much confirms the conclusion I had come to. And you’re right. It means you have to change the extended view to the one you prefer every time you create a new channel, which can get tedious on a big project.


Hang on, yours are always on “inserts” but mine are always on “EQ’s”… what’s going on there?

Now I’m confused. Why do yours default to a different setting to mine :question:

Sussed it! If anyone’s interested It’s on page 149 of the manual. To the far left of the extended view you can select whatever you want to see by default by clicking your chosen option from the list. Meter view is second up from the bottom.

Simplz when you know :smiley:

Ain’t that the truth! Don’t forget you also have two other mixers. I run my main channel mixer extended across a second monitor. At the bottom of the page I have mixer 2 on the left and mixer 3 on the right, with the real estate split down the middle. On the left in mixer 2 I have all my input channels and on the right in mixer 3 I have all my group channels and master bus. When the main mixer channel is fully extended, the bottom over laps the two lower mixers, but you can still see most of them, including any channel activity and your level read outs. I quick click and they come to the front when I need them.

You also have options for channel presets, so you can make different configurations. I like to see my sends in the extended main channels routed to my busses. I also have a key command to toggle open/ close the the Channel editor of and selected channel in the mixer for working on that channel.


I’ve often wondered about those other mixers so that’s quite enlightening. I’m so used to now having a full 22" monitor just for the main mixer and another one for the arrange window but, like you say, there’s more can be done with those mixers. I tend to have MIDI channels hidden but everything else: channel strips, sends, Rewire, groups, 2 bus all on the one mixer.

Even with two 22" monitors I’m starting to think more screen estate is needed.