About flags

In the SMuFL implementation notes for flags one can read:

What does Dorico use?
Dedicated flags for each notelength or combined flags as described above?

After some tests I guess I have found the answer.
Dorico needs dedicated flags for each note length.

That’s the ideal way to do it, but if you’re willing to muck about with manually positioning symbols in Engrave > Music Symbols you can create them from individual fragments if you prefer.

The reason I asked was because in my never ending work to convert fonts to SMuFL I am right now working on an older font which has only glyphs for 8th and 16th flags and also a glyph that can be combined to create smaller length as described in the SMuFL implementation notes,
Reading this notes I suddenly wondered if Dorico was possibly also working this way!
But as I see it doesn’t.
I will then have to create the necessary flags.

In the SMuFL description, in the recommended stylistic alternates for flags one can find small flags.
Does Dorico uses these small flags?
If so where?

No, at the moment Dorico doesn’t use these optical variants for flags.

Thank you