About Grace Period Upgrade

If I buy 8.5 now,

I am aware that I can upgrade it to version 9 for free.

However, when 9.5 is released next year,

will I also be able to upgrade it to version 9.5 for discounted price?

Or can I not since the original version I purchased was 8.5?

Thanks in advance people!

You can then update just like anyone else can for the regular price, of a C 9 to C 9.5 update.

thanks mate!!! I can see how that works.

Just purchased Cubase 8.5 pro edu.

so excited!!!


  • wait, if I’m not mistaken when you say “regular price” it means discounted price right? Because my understanding was all Cubase 9 clients get to upgrade their product to 9.5 for a discounted price (if I’m right around 100 euros - I may be wrong about the numbers but you get the point)