About License server outage

I registered the access code well, but I can’t activate it due to a license server error. If I got the access code well, there’s no problem upgrading to Pro, right?

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Hi and welcome,

No worries, I’m believe, it will be resolved in time. If not, I’m quite sure, Steinberg will act fair way.


They haven’t updated their status page regarding this issue in almost 24 hours now. It would be nice to get the activation working again (or at least an update with an ETA).


Looks like it’s up again at the time of this post.

So how will I activate CUBASE ARTIST before 1st August (tomorrow) to get the free upgarde to PRO???

Were we writing at the same time?

You can redeem the Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant now and you should also find the activation code for the license activation in your MySteinberg account if you made that step already and the license could not be activated because of the license server outage.