About Licensing

“If I upgrade from Nuendo 10 to 13 and find that some features are not to my liking, can I use my Nuendo 13 license to run Nuendo 12 instead?”

Hi. I’m not an expert in this subject, but I’m pretty sure that the answer is Yes. Typically, a license for a Steinberg product will allow you to use previous versions of the same product.

See Information on Steinberg Licensing

Managing your licenses

You can check the status of your licenses using the new Steinberg Activation Manager

Your Nuendo 10 licence on your USB eLicenser will be upgraded to a non-upgradeable Nuendo 11 licence. This will allow you to run any version of Nuendo up to and including version 11.

The Nuendo 13 licence on Steinberg Licensing will run Nuendo 12 or Nuendo 13.