About making instrumental parts


Here’s a question for help. In dorico4, I set two players in a row ,such as flutes、oboes…… But in parts, I want each player to have a part, how can I split it to flute 1 and 2, they are share a line now. Thanks very much!


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Do you have Condensing switched on or do you just have an Up-stem and Down-stem Voice in the one stave?

Thanks reply, It is not be condensed, but have an up-stem and down-stem in the one stave.

Just select all the music to be copied, copy, select the staves to paste to, right-click, paste special, explode.

You will likely have to double check some things…

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Here’s a video about how condensing works in Dorico – if you make sure each flute exists in the project as a separate player, you can then give Flute 1 a separate part from Flute 2, but still show their music condensed onto one staff in the score.

You can use various tools to get the existing music that’s in 2 voices on 1 staff onto 2 staves – like exploding, as Daniel suggested.

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