About moving notes with the mouse

Hi everyone,

I would LOVE to just grab a note with the mouse and move it, even if it’s only in Engrave mode. Using the keyboard for moving notes is for the birds. Thanks.


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Yes, we know some users would find this a useful feature, and it’s something we will add (as an option) in future versions of the software. (Though it will certainly be in Write mode, and not in Engrave mode.)

In the meantime, you can drag notes to change their pitch and position with the mouse in the piano roll of the Key Editor.

Thanks for the news, Daniel. Until then, I’ll trudge along with the tiny cursor keys of my Mac Airbook.


Would it be feasible to have a modifier key to hold while pressing a note name? Eg Select a note that you want to change to F > Press modifier-F. (Edit, upon reflection perhaps there may not be any modifiers available.)

I guess what I mean is something similar to selecting a note and pushing a number to change its note value.

Yes, we’ve run out of modifiers! I realise it’s more key presses, but Shift+N, L, new note name is the best we can do for the time being.