About my MiDiPLUS X2mini connection sound card five-pin interface to Cubasis3 problem

[帮帮我。](About my MiDiPLUS X2mini connection sound card five-pin interface to Cubasis3 problem - YouTube X2mini五针输出连接到古巴3的声卡五针输入接口。这似乎行不通。我的设备iPhone xsmax系统版本ios14.7.1。硬件斯坦堡UR22mkll Midi设备MiDiPL![image|231x500](上传://9y9AHmn5fcUJ3yhbhQqklX6f1l1.jpeg)![image|690x318](上传://1oCDgLJf5rbTp3kMZsYkY3HqCt4.jpeg)![image|690x318](上传://bAK6TGYQDF2VknR31xZhGjr8cfd.jpeg)![image|689x318](上传://7jMRbw3xIH7nZCymDdGdHiHTKRm.jpeg)![image|689x318](上传://fOzpu8M8Tr8QHq8vF8mKZa06aIU.jpeg)美国X2>块报价
I tried to use the same reaso

n connection method on the PC to get the result that it worked normally.

My English is not good. I don’t know why. :pleading_face:

Hi @1007934903,

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Please have a look at our deviated MIDI Learn tutorial, to see if it is of help to use your external keyboard with Cubasis:

Hope that helps to resolve your problem!

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I now understand how to use MIDI Learn. My main problem is that my miDiPLUS 2Xmini external one can’t be played incubasis3. When I press it, there is no response. Whether I directly connect the midi keyboard transmission cable through the otg converter or through the sound card five-pin interface, it is always just that the sound card is working normally. The external midi device can’t work.

I connect the device in this way. Everything works smoothly through reason, but incubasis3, the sound card has no response in the working midi peripherals.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work until cubasis3.https://youtu.be/qMD8co-bvA8

I’ve never had the need to use ‘Midi Thru’ in Cubasis in order to get an external controller to work!?

If you have the controller connected to the Midi-In port on the audio interface you could try and select the Audio Interface as the Midi Input for the track and see if that works?

It could also be a power issue…

…have you tried connecting all the devices (Sound Card & Controller) to a powered USB-Hub before connecting it to your device running Cubasis?


Hi @1007934903,

Normally external keyboards should work without the need to make any special settings. What happens if you load the “New Project” template, choose the MIDI track and play on the keyboard?