About new drivers.

Hi, been away from de forum for a while, I own a UR824 and the last driver I had was version 1.6.3, now that I return to the forum I see that the most recent version of the driver is 1.7.3, although I have to admit I don´t have a real problem with 1.6.3 version, I decided to try the new version, and the first quick test I did was with Guitar Rig in standalone mode, with driver version 1.6.3 I could set the buffer size at 64 samples with no issues, some other time I had a little noise, but lowering the buffer size to 96 samples fixed that, and that only happened to me 2 times, the rest of the time I always use 64 samples without any issues, noises or problems. But with the new version 1.7.3 it´s impossible to use 64 samples, the sound is all distorted and crackling all the time, if I lower the buffer to 96 samples its the same, if I lower it to 128, it sounds a little better but still unusuable, if I lower it more to 192 samples, it just begins to sound right (like if I was at 64 samples with the 1.6.3 driver version) but still there´s a noise every now and then, so the only way I can use it without any noise, is using a buffer size below 192 samples. So I had to get back to the 1.6.3 version, and now I can go with 64 samples again without problems.

Maybe this is not a real problem, but I wanted to know if anyone had noticed any similar issue with the latest drivers? Or it was only me. And, is it not supposed that new drivers should be better than previous ones? Don´t they supposed to be better and have better performance, instead of being worst?

And another question: in the download area I just see the option to download the 1.7.2 version, and the 1.7.3 version, but if I want to try another version like maybe 1.6.5, is there any way I can get it?

Thanks in advance for the help.

I think every driver version should be available for anyone who is trying to resolve issues.
Personally, I’m trying the UR824 on nearly a dozen different systems to determine what
is going to be the most stable for live use & integration in various scenarios. I’ve been thinking
lately about the scarcity of different driver versions. The user should be the one to decide what
he/she wants to use in the end or at any point for that matter.

I’ve also been wondering about how long between future updates. It seems that some
limitations can be overcome with patched drivers. If it’s all about money, well, promotion
of replacement products may be all one has to look forward to I guess.

Hi, I’m using the driver 1.9.9 - I still have this issue with a Bang, as the problem with a sharp noise (and sometimes even when Cubase is not running) if I try to reinstall the driver for 1.6.3, maybe then this problem will be solved? tell me which drivers are you using now? if using UR824.

Hello! I have for 2 years waiting for Steinberg tell me what my problem UR824 or correct errors of the driver as it should!!! I do not know what has caused, but even the latest driver - 1.9.10 - 2, available for installation does not solve my problem - the appearance of a sharp loud noise in the speakers! This happens a few times a week and sometimes every day! It’s terrible, can’t work! Many on this forum were such problems, but it seems to be decided! All the settings are correct in the BIOS and in the system! Guys, at least tell me you can help, since Steinberg is still silent! Any help would be appreciated from you! I apologize for English is not my native language!

P. S. Steinberg, you also have to give at least some information what to do or comments, anything, this problem is dangerous to the ear, this noise is just deafening, if it goes further, it will apply to the court, as it caused harm to my health!

It sucks man. I am surprised you have waited so long…

I was here at the beginning of this thread and had to change my motherboard. Then it just worked.

Steinberg is working on the issue. Slowly… :frowning:

I was contacted to test the new beta driver personally, but I didn’t have a system running that had the issue because I rebuilt.

Hoping they have this new driver out soon. I hate to hear that so many have this issue still. If I didn’t have means to rebuild around the UR824’s, I would have moved to another interface. But the integration from them and Cubase made it worth it in the end for me.