About quadrafuzz v1

I heard that if you own a new version of cubase you are allowed to install all the older versions as well as long as it’s not a better kind of cubase like jumping from cubase artist 9 to cubase pro 8 or something. obviously. anyway. i like cubase artist 9, i don’t really wanna use older versions, it’s just that some older versions had plugins that i want. like quadrafuzz v1. so i installed cubase sx and copied quadrafuzz v1 into my jbridge folder. jbridge said it’s not possible to convert it because it was made for cubase sx. i understand why this barrier was used. it was used to prevent people from copying the plugin to other daws like fl studio or so. but cubase 9 is basically the same family of daws so i feel like it should be allowed to copy quadrafuzz v1 to cubase 9.

anyway, i found a version of quadrafuzz v1 that was cracked by oxygen. i didn’t try it yet but it should work. my only problem is that i don’t like to use cracks unless i absolutely know it’s cool with the developers and publishers. so i’d like to ask if there are some people who work for steinberg in this forum, and i’d like to ask these people if steinberg is cool with users using quadrafuzz v1 in cubase artist 9 with the help of a crack.

i know this is a weird question, but this is not the conventional question for a crack… i hope everyone agrees

Steinberg will of course not comment on this, but it’s “ok” to use it if you own a legal Cubase license, and you don’t mind the potential security risks and your Internet Service Provider knowing that you downloaded stuff from a warez site.

Quadrafuzz v1 sounds pretty dated though. I would recommend looking into alternatives. Most of them wont sound as rough and loud, but they’ll likely improve the sound of your mixes in the long run.

the problem is that i make tutorial videos about music production in cubase artist 9 that i publish on youtube. that’s why i don’t want any steinberg lawer to get confused about a cracked plugin popping up there. i’m a student and quite poor, so i can’t afford any law trouble. that’s why i’d like some steinberg employee to confirm that it’s fine when i use this plugin. i also don’t just ask for myself. some people in a cubase facebook are waiting for my report because they also like quadrafuzz v1 a lot.

quadrafuzz v1 does not only have a superior fuzz sound compared to most other plugins i tried, it also has a nostalgic value to me because i already know cubase for half my life. in another forum someone suggested that i should buy izotope trash and it actually looks like it does something similiar as quadrafuzz v1 but it’s far too complicated for me. in quadrafuzz v1 i could find cool settings in less than a minute, the workflow was just unbeatable for a multiband fuzzbox. none of the quadrafuzz v2 algorhythms sound as fuzzy as quadrafuzz v1

A crack is a crack, so of course no one from Steinberg will tell you it is ok to use cracks of their software. If you want to be legit, buy a Cubase Pro license.

Don’t, if you only want quadrafuzz, because it’s a 32bit plug in and cubase 9.5 no longer incorporate the bridge, so it’s a dead end.

If you use the cracked version, you’re using cracked software. As has been pointed out.

It is available to be run in the specific version it was designed for, and if you have a license to run that version you don’t need the crack. In this case, you need the Cubase Pro License. You can be 100% certain that it’s not ‘cool’ with the the devs that you use it.

Facilitating distribution of cracked software here is also quite against the rules, and believe it or not, cause for banning. :astonished:

To be clear, the issue here is not that you want to run an old plugin, but that you don’t have a license for it.

Nice Youtube tuts, by the way. Some are also hilarious. :slight_smile:

But it will allow at least eine alte oma to run Cubase SX.

Absolutely ! My bad, i missed the “artist” side of things in the op :sunglasses: ! By the way i searched utube and found this cracked quadrafuzz (i miss this plugin very badly), and the extended view is crashing cubase pro 9. So it seems the only way to have quadrafuzz is using a cubase between sx and pro 8.5 !