About region color issue.


I’m Han , Cheif sound engineer of Red House Studio in south of korea.

I’ve been used nuendo 4.5 but now I’m using 5.5 but there are some issues of region color.

  1. During the recording, if there is over laid region, it maked as more darker gray color in 4.5 but in 5.5, it shows up as deviant crease lines. Is there anyone who can turn it back as like 4.5 in 5.5?

  2. In 4.5, when I make project, automatically set up color for group, midi and fx tracks
    (it applied only group m MIDI, FX, rewire tracks not audio tracks in 4.5)
    But I have to set every time when I make group, fx and other tracks.
    Is there option of to make it happen like 4.5 in 5.5?

Thoese 2 issues are not bigdeal but it’s bugging me.

Please let me know any one who knows about this.

Thank you