About score: How to remove bar numbers and how to change chord font?

How can I remove bar numbers and how can I change chord font in a score?

I found the first one.
You should press Shift and double clic one of these numbers to select them all and just remove them in one opperation.

See here

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Regarding bar numbers you can remove them from the Notation Style options in Score Settings, or by selecting one bar number and setting “Show every” option to “Off” in the Right Zone in Score Editor.

See here also:
NO bar numbers in Cubase 11 Pro (Windows) Score Edit? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Maestro thank you for the link. I new this option but wasn’t able to do anything with it. The secret was to use the scroll wheel.
Wow I would never have been able to find this trick myself. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

P.A.T. How can I reach this window?

It’s a part of the Cubase preferences

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I don’t have this!?

I use Cubase 11.0.41 on macOS 11.3.1
Are you using an older version? or are you on PC?

I wonder if it’s not the windows of Cubase > Peferencies


But the windows is not the same at all. And there is no fonction as yours.

Ok I got it. I’m going to see that.

Sorry to put so many messages. But it’s the last one :
Thank you P.A.T it’s work perfectly :+1: