About Surround reverb

Hello, …
I would like to ask if the experts in surround work would prefer Altiverb 6 or Waves IR360
if budget is (also) of importance.

I am a student intern at Mr. Klaegers studio. He allowed to place my question here.
Thank you very much.

@Big K’s studio

Not the answer you are looking for, but … Whatever works best for you …


Hi Fredo
He’s on holidays, now…, but I am sure he needs advice as to quality of the 2 reverbs…
or, at least if they are any good.
I have heard a lot about Altiverb, but I have none of the 2, yet.
I can’t tell him … Could you?

Prost, Big K

We are using Altiverb most of the time.
Simply because we are used to it, and most freelancers know Altiverb too.
Apparently many PT users also use Altiverb…

I tend to reach for Altiverb too, but simply out of habit.
I have never AB-ed Altiverb with Waves.

That being said, I also disagree with most people who claim that Altiverb sounds superb.
Whenever I can, you will see me pulling out (so to speak) our TC6000 or one of our Lexicons.
And compaterd to them, Altiverb is just a toy.


Me knowing the TC 6000 & Lexicon 960, too, you must be right…
If any plug ever gets to cover that sound we’d be very happy dudes.

Big K

AltiVerb 6 XL is literally the best of a bad bunch, sad to say.
The best surround reverb I ever used was the late, lamented W5 WizooVerb by quite a long, long way.
Not got a TC6000 or an L960 sadly, too expensive to justify the outlay for just one use per mix for me as I can think of a lot of other things I could spend that money on.

I likewise cannot say anything about the Waves tool, as I don’t own it & have never heard it & will never buy it.

Hi Neil…
me neither, although it is only 199 € …

Yes, the old W5. For a plug-in it was truly great sounding and very usable.
A rotten shame that Digidesign killed it… Now, I have 2 little W5 cardboard coffins on the shelf…

Big K