about Tempo settings

I’m unsure u guys have the same problem with me~
when I’m running the Cubase Pro 8 64 bit (PC windows 7),
I can’t change the tempo values by adjusting it on
the Tempo Track Editor toolbar or in the Inspector…
I can only adjust them by changing the value on info line!!
some solutions? thx~ :wink:

(I’m doing a bit of guesswork here :wink: )…
Tempo (as seen in the Transport Bar) can be set either to “Fixed”… a single tempo that runs for the whole song… and can be adjusted in those places you describe, or can be set to “Track”… i.e. the dedicated Tempo Track, which can have as many tempo variations as you wish. In “Track” mode, those two fields you mention are simply “indicators” of the current tempo at the current song position.
In other words… what you are seeing is completely normal :wink:.

O I C~~~~I think so, bro~ So appreciate ur answer~
In that case, I think there’s some faults on the manual PDF I’m reading…
on page P902, it says:
Editing tempo curve points
•By adjusting the tempo value in the tempo display on the Tempo Track Editor toolbar, in the Inspector, or on the info line.

Ooh yes, you are absolutely right! the Tempo Track editor toolbar can only be adjusted when in Fixed mode, not in Track mode.

Did you mean it the otherway around “The Tempo Track editor toolbar can only be adjusted when in Track mode, not in Fixed mode.” or maybe I am not looking at things wrong?

No, I got it right :wink:.; When in Track mode, the tempo displayed in the Toolbar is just a visual indicator… each tempo node can be adjusted in the Info Line.

Okay thanks for the clarification I was looking at the wrong place. Strange that you can change the tempo of the Tempo Track Editor Toolbar when in track mode but it doesn’t do anything. It aways follows your playback location and doesn’t care what tempo node you have selected.