About the Cubasis Importer

The Cubasis Project Importer for macOS and Windows allows you to import projects made with the Cubasis apps for iOS and Android into Cubase.

This article is aimed to give you a better understanding what to expect when importing Cubasis projects to Cubase via the freely downloadable Cubasis Project Importer extension.

Cubasis for iOS and Android and Cubase for Windows and macOS are fully independent app developments, which come with individual features matching the requirements of the individual platforms.

As a result, Cubasis projects which are imported to Cubase may appear differently, due to using Cubasis features which are unavailable in the Cubase desktop versions.

  • Basically the audio and MIDI tracks of Cubasis projects including its events should be seamlessly imported to Cubase.
  • Depending on the Cubasis instruments and effects plug-ins used, its available Cubase derivates are loaded with similar presets or remain fully unassigned (to make your own assignments).
  • Cubasis for iOS exclusively supports Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus to load 3rd party instruments and effects plug-ins which are unavailable in Cubase and/or other desktop DAWs.
  • Imported Cubasis tracks that use internal effects and/or instruments are expected to load with similar instruments and/or effects plug-ins in Cubase including their presets, or best-matching derivates (see the chart below for more details).

The chart below gives you more insights about the handling of Cubasis plug-ins when importing Cubasis projects with Cubase.

Cubasis Cubase*
Instruments and effects plug-ins
Studio EQ fixed / plug-in Channel EQ, Studio EQ
Brickwall Limiter BL Channel Strip
Shelf EQ Studio EQ
Reverb RoomWorks SE
Delay MonoDelay
Chorus Chorus
Compressor Compressor
Limiter Limiter
Filter MorphFilter
AmpSim AmpSimulator
Flanger Flanger
Overdrive Distortion
Phaser Phaser
PhaseInverter Input Filter
Micrologue Retrologue
MicroSonic HALion Sonic SE

*It depends on the actual Cubase version which plug-ins are available.

If you encounter Cubasis features or plug-ins which are unavailable in Cubase, we recommend rendering such tracks as audio files before sharing the project.

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