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Hi everyone,
I am experiencing strange behavior when I double type. Whenever I do double typing, the cursor jumps away from my selection, and from my observation it’s usually after the rest that I am selecting as a result to double click to input notes. You can see in the video where I tried to double type different note values. (I am a previous Finale user so I use pitch after duration) Is Dorico supposed to behave this way? Do I have a wrong setting, or is it a bug?

My question number two. Is it possible to switch off the double typing feature? I understand it meant to be time saving. I personally get too used to using dots, and have a habit (not an extremely logical one but that’s how I have been working) of doing extra typing when inputting very fast. I wonder if this feature can be turned off somehow?

Thanks for help.

When pitch before duration is active, the double-tap feature isn’t enabled anyway: it only works when using duration before pitch.

Thank you. Daniel. No, I use pitch after duration. Could you take a look at the video below and see if you could point out something?

What I did here is: I double clicked with my mouse to go to the mode I input notes. Then I double type 6, after that I played note C four times from my midi keyboard.

The same key strike goes for the second time, but with double typing “5”

And here you can see I use pitch after duration:

So my question is about why the cursor jumps to the next measure, skipping the position I initiated the input when double typing as I try to select duration before the pitch. And of course, is there a way to disable doble typing without changing to pitch before duration?

There’s no way to disable the double-tap feature at the moment, no. But that should be OK, because you don’t ever need to tap the same duration key twice in succession unless you’re trying to use the new double-tap feature. Have you redefined any of the note input shortcuts?

Do you mean key commands? Which ones do you suggest me looking for?
I remember I added key command to extend duration to selection, which shouldn’t have an effect in this situation as far as I understand.

It might be interesting to try moving your keycommands_XX.json file out of the way from your user-level application data folder, then restarting Dorico to see whether it changes anything.

Just tried per your instruction. It surely disabled my custom changes to the key command (like I can no longer use keyboard short cut to extend duration to selection) but the skipping behavior on double typing persists. Anything else I can try?

You can put your key commands file back, and restart Dorico again. You’ll need to set Specify accidental, rhythm dot and articulations to Before inputting note to use the double-tap note input. I’m not entirely sure why that is and I’ll need to think about it – nearly midnight on a Friday night after a very challenging week is not the best time for me to try to make sense of it, but I will make a note and take a closer look as soon as I can.

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I appreciate your help. Yes. Hope you have some good rest.

I actually just made a new discovery, as I played with the settings. When I unchecked the jump over option for lock duration, it stopped happening.

I thought the option would only work when using lock duration (like you press L on the keyboard and try to replace pitches with rhythm unchanged), I guess what happened here is that somehow it started to work outside of lock duration mode.