About the eLicenser program?


I have all my Steinberg products on a USB dongle (eLicenser) and also the eLicenser instaleld on my computers. But I dont wish to move the dongle between the computers, instead I wasnt to remove a Cubase 7 Elements licens from the dongle, but it wont work? How can I do that?

What I’ve done so far: I’ve installed the latest eLicenser on my main computer where I have the Steinberg dongle on a USB port. All working fine, Cubase 10 Pro opens up nicely, etc, But I want to move the Cubase 7 Elements license to another computer that I have, but first need to remove it from the dongle (I guess so anyway). Anyhow, so inside the eLicenser program I highlighted the Cubase 7 Elements licens on the dongle then went to the menu to click remove, but it was greyed out. I still clicked that are but nothing happened… What else can I try?

Regards from Robin Gardner

You can’t, once on a eLicenser dongle, it can only be moved to another dongle by inserting both dongles and in ELC dragging the license to the new eLicenser dongle.