About the Feature Request Poll... (triplets and dotted notes grid snap on audio editors)

Cubase is a music production software so, above anything else, I expect it to “talk” and “understand” musical language.

For over a decade we’ve been waiting for audio editors, Variaudio, Hitpoints and Audio Warp, to snap to musical values like triplets, dotted notes, etc (in other words, to behave exactly like the quantize section), because these are basically the grids musicians use to write music - and music production is the one and only reason musicians use a software like Cubase.

How come “changing track colours” is more important than musical values?!
(EDIT: according to the latest Feature Request Poll, where this feature isn’t even listed)

This is a music production software, please make it musical!

Fernando and Steinberg crew hello,
Yes, triplet and dotted notes/grid in the Audio Editor and VariAudio are long awaited. Many requests were posted, but still nothing…
These things must be there by default, because they are supposed to exist in software like Cubase.
I also need them a lot, and hope these note values will be implemented at least in Cubase 10.5! :slight_smile:
It’s weird to post requests for such - must to have things. Isn’t it?

Best regards :slight_smile:

hope they will adress that soon.

It is very unlikely that they address this anytime soon. The recent poll ranks 50 features and this is not one of them, so there’s at least 50 other features that apparently are of more relevance than this.

Some may say, if this was really important then it should be high in that rank and it isn’t. What really surprises me the most is why.

Don’t people use the audio editors? Don’t people resort to triplets and dotted notes on their songwriting? The free Audio Warp tool snaps to bars and beats, what about the rest? Do people know what we’re talking about at all? Are Cubase users so basic that they don’t even feel this is clearly missing and important, and prefer changing track colours than having better audio editing tools? Why does Steinberg prioritize things solely on user feedback that clearly prioritizes GUI cosmetics to music?

This really beats me… I don’t want to sound like an elitist curmudgeon ranting about how everything in the world is wrong but I really feel like a frustrated lone-wolf on this one.

They don’t- it’s a part of a larger picture.

I really want to believe you’re right and I really doubt no beta tester or anyone from the developing team has ever mentioned this issue in the past.

The question is: Audiowarp and Variaudio have been around for a decade now, why is it taking so long?

I don’t know. But if you want to ask the forum a question, wouldn’t it make sense for your topic title to include the topic you’re asking about? At least then more people would see that that question’s been asked.

I already done that and many others did that before me but these threads sink into oblivion in just a few days. Now, for the first time, I got the attention of a Moderator. I’m sorry if this is a rude way to start a discussion but I’m feeling kind of helpless here. :slight_smile:

I also want this feature. It’s so strange for me to be working in 12/8, for example, and yet see six beats per bar in the grid. I have to then visualise where the correct four beats should go and try overlay that imaginary image on top of the gird. It’s kind of a bizarre way to work. Also having to always calculate the correct tempo (from dotted quarter note in the score to quarter note in cubase) is a bit of a nuisance.

EDIT: Okay, never mind. I just realised that I can already set the grid to emphasise the correct beats. My mistake. :blush:


yes, please! I can choose triplets and dotted in quantize and it would be wonderful if the grid in audio editing mode (free warp) would just go with it.