About the forum's appearance

Is it possible to adjust the typography of the forum? I’m finding the new layout’s big bold headings a bit too big and bold

We could change almost everything including the fonts etc. but there won’t be any perfect version and layout that would live up to everyone’s expectation. Sure, we may change things in the future but unless there is no major complaint, we should stick to this for a while.

I meant can I change it for myself, not can you change it for everyone. For instance in Moon Reader, I can change the page’s font size easily, which is dead useful given the variety of designs and layouts that books come in.

There are some browser addins that you can use to customise the appearance of individual sites: https://mediatemple.net/blog/design-creative/bend-websites-css-will-stylish-stylebot/

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@Ed_Doll: Myself and a number of others have complained about the bolding in the main topic list. It’s hard to read, and not needed.