About the fretboard panel

Is version 5 already and the notes on the fretboard are still not moving in “Play”? Why the piano ones?
Guitar pro is much simpler and he has been doing it since he was a baby.
People want to study too, not just compose.
With a touch screen composing faster, the fretboard panel is elementary.
Thank you.

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Quick test - yeah that’s true, but you can just arrow key through the notes at your own pace which might be easier if you’re interested in how to play it. Though at that, I’d rather just look at a tab if I wanted fingerings.

I like the vibrating string graphic which is physically accurate, pretty neat. Hm, I just realized that’s a great way for a non guitar player to check that the fingerings aren’t unplayable. Now that would be a killer feature, “Check my parts for unplayability”. The clarinet is quite picky, not too many sharps or flats, the breaks and all that.