about the HSO strings on sale

“Dedicated user interface included…”
That’s what the info says…

BUT when I tried my demo from install disks some time ago I recall that the sounds were simply listed inside the cheapo UI of the Halion One {or Sonic} SE which I adhore. I think that was the UI, anyway I did not like it.

Does it have its own interface once activated, as did Padshop pro? Is it nice as in the picture supplied on the sale’s info page or do you need to have the FULL Halion/or Sonic installed and activated first in order to get that nicer interface?

AND This is the 16-bit HSO set ONLY correct?



I guess you have the HSO UI on the macro page of Halion Sonic. In H4 it looks pretty nice. You always see on which keys you find keyswitches for example. I haven’t had a look at it in HSSE yet.

But I do not have the Halion UI only Halion One which is not as nice

I wanted to know if the HSO has its own nice UI regardless of other upgrades present.

No. I’m afraid that you have to use a sample player. It’s not a standalone VST instrument. Just the library to use in Halion.
Sorry to say.

Best regards.

Where do you see a sale of these? I looked at the site of steinberg in german and HSO is not even listed anymore…

I am very annoyed that Steinberg would put forth a nice picture of the UI and say it has a dedicated UI


just to make a buck
or am i mistakin?

“Dedicated user interface included…”
That’s what the info says…


Maybe you could check the american version site

you may have to copy and paste that link since it wraps being to long

@Sid: It is just the offer of a permanent license for the
HSO demo that was also included in your Cubase box.
I received an E-Mail about the offer. Did you suscribe to the
newsletter? Otherwise have a look at products > permanent liccenses (or so)
on the Steinberg homepage.

@peppy: Well, it has an UI in form of a macro page
which looks like the plugin when u use Halion.
I bought it some month ago and I’m very satisfied.
Sounds just amazing!

OK thats what I wanted it have, a nice UI like the info says.

But I think you get the Halion UI because you have Halion
BUT I would get it as “just another instrument in the list” in Halion One or Sonic SE not sure which

That is what I dont want. If it has a nice Halion UI without having to buy Halion then I would get it.

This is what it looks like in HALion Sonic SE

(see attached)

For 49 Euros it’s definitely worth having.

The Sonic SE has a macro page, doesn’t it?

And that’s how it looks in H4. :slight_smile:

Thats what I like

The 30-day trial version was not giving me that inside UI

Should it have? Maybe I installed or loaded it incorrectly?


I think the problem I had in evaluating the HSO before was the same with the Padshop-Pro install. You have to check off the little box saying it is for everyone to use. It was actually never installed and is why I never got the nice sub-UI within Sonic SE

I have just now fulli installed it and will go see.

YES that was the problem.
Now I can actually try this HSO out