About the NEW cursor

Well, i HATE it and want an option to use the old one! You know, the nice thin one :slight_smile:


I alrerady posted this as a new thread in the german forum since I am also annoyed by the somehow washy new look.


The new one is confusing and doesn’t add anything, especially if you are in a wide horizontal zoom level. And worse : as my eyes are growing as old as me, it appears as a blurry vertical zone. Steiny, please keep in mind that not all Cubase users are 25 years old, thanks…

This is the kind of things that makes me preciously keep the previous version ; one of the changes/evolutions that no one asked for…

This with the flashy white background of the Overview line, the erratic behaviour of the R/W buttons in the group/FX tracks and, most of all, the removal of the Preferenses/Work area’ page. It begins to make a lot… :unamused:

You can adjust the Cursor in the program settings…

Yes, but even at the smallest setting it still appears as a strange double line …

Compared to the nice, clean, clear look from Cubase 6 …

I prefer the previous version, I think.

Yes, thin elegant line back please, thank you.


Love the new cursor, as it lets me know exactly where I am on the bar/beat since I often use complex time signature combinations throughout sections of a song and need to know at a glance.

+1 I prefer old cursor too…

not really noticed it 'til reading this.

seems to be ok for me really, didnt take much notice to be honest.

I wonder what the effect is of the display on which you are seeing it? is- on mine it looks quite sharp, and the outline serves to make it “pop”.

I agree it’s too wide and bold

Actually, I just had a look in Cubase 6 here and the cursor is the same as in 7. So it’s a PC thing. No wonder I didn’t like it less. :confused:

Old cursor line, please!

Did the cursor change? I didn’t notice.


The new cursor is a thin black line, it’s just that it has a white mask either side of it. Think of it as a black line, and not as a pair of white lines.

The cross hair tool can be changed under Editing-Tools to remove the mask (mask width = 1), so what Cubase needs is a preference for the cursor to have the same option setting as the cross hair, as it seems to have a preset white mask of 3.

It would be good to be able to change the colour of it as well. (like the cross hair).

Not on Mac.

Interesting :confused: .

I’m not really bothered by it. I’ll probably get used to it and forget what the old one looked like before too long.

Looks clunky to me in Windows… :frowning:

Yes. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia, and the cursor has always been outlined. :wink: