About the NEW cursor

I have an 27 Display at 2560 x 1440…for me the cursor is too small!! :laughing:

No really…there are more important things…

I also would like to have the old nice and clean looking 1 pixel width cursor without white borders back!

The new Cubase 7 cursor looks bad, is unprecise and with a setting of Width = 1 it is still actually 3 pixels width!
1 pixel cursor + 2 pixel left and right white border = 3 pixels width in total.

With the new cubase 7 cursor it’s impossible to know exactly if you are at an event start or not it’s simply unprecise!

Thank you Steinberg for changing something for the worse!

Please bring back the old style cursor.

Thanks for bringing this up again !

This is really important for me : as my eyes are growing old, I truely have problems to focus on it. It’s one of the new ‘improvements’ that keeps me from using C7. Who on earth decided to change it and, more than anything, who asked for this ?

It could be a preference, as it is for the ‘Cross hair cursor’, but imposing brutally such an essential thing without any alternative is clearly beyond me…

I know it shouldn’t - but the new cursor irritates the hellout of me.

Funny thing. The curser that displays on an iPad or iPhone when running either C6.5 or C7 via the iC Pro app is the same type cursor seen in C7 - however - it actually has a better blend of the three lines so the center of the cursor is actually more distinct. So it may just be an issue with the graphics at this point, and something to be corrected.

Still, what is wrong with a cursor that is just a single line? Make it red like the WaveLab cursor if you want something different.


+1, just preference.