About the new feature resizable and ZOOM any VST GUI?


About the new feature resizable and ZOOM any VST GUI in Cubase PRO 8?

That must be a Windows 8.1 exclusive feature because it doesn’t work here on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, NVIDIA ASUS GT-640 2GB RAM?
Anyone else tried it on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1?

Check the new feature demonstration in the video ----> Time: 4:30

Should it work on Windows 7 or not? Bug?
Please send comments if it work or not and write if you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

Thanks in advance!

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I can get the Beat Designer (Midi Insert) resizable same as in the video but no other standard VST plugins that aren’t resizable by design itself example Melodyne or Kontakt 5.

I have tried VST3 or VST 2.4 normal plugins like Steinberg’s own plugins or Waves etc. No luck! I’m using Windows 7 in my Studio.

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Hi Freddie H,

maybe related to the AOT issue? See “BON-4578” here:


No Freddie talk about the resizable fonction for Cubase plugins (and perhaps others) that does’nt work in Win 7 ! perhaps it’s not a new feature at all… I try it and only VST Bass Amp & Beat Designer can do it for me.
So is it a new feature (great one) or not ? or only in Win 8 or not ?

im on windows 7 , but i think only few Vst can be resized by design, which would resize also in cubase 7, as kontakt’ haion 5’ beat designer, vst bass amp.
its depends on plugins design and not the host probably

yes but it was on the vst3 sdk, the possibilities to resize every VST3 Plugin but never done, Uhe did the greatest resize function in Zebra with %.

Yes I know but is a the new feature advertised, a total new “game changer” in Cubase PRO 8.

In Cubase PRO 8 your should be able to take any VST you have
that aren’t resizable by design, and resize its VST-GUI to your own liking.

You can now set individual size on all your VSTs and plugins you have installed that weren’t resizable before. That new feature doesn´t work yet in Cubase PRO 8. Not here anyway.

So my question to Steinberg is should it work like that or not as advertised or have we misunderstand anything?
Because it doesn’t work here on my setup yet? :unamused:

As the same behavior as ZOOM as Windows Magnifier “[win-key]” + “[+ or -]” buttons.

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You understand me correctly! Thanks! :wink:

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Hi Luis!

I tried again but no. About Kontakt 5 and Melodyne that are resizable I have no problems with.
The only thing is that you need to close and open again and the GUI and everything works fine exactly as point out already in “knowledgebase”.

My question is: Can I resize any VSTs that aren’t resizable by own design? Do I have the ability as shown and advertised in the video? Can I freely resize all other VSTs like Waves, SPL, iZotope, Spectrasonics, Steinberg all plugins etc. ?

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Ditto ! :frowning:

In Cubase PRO 8 your should be able to take any VST you have
that aren’t resizable by design, and resize its VST-GUI to your own liking.

really ?!! i didnt see or hear that statment or noticed it !!
anyway its not working on my win 7 setup for all vst3… only for few that were by design

Yes exactly right, it almost to good to be true like science fiction! Check the video again and you will see how they talk about in the demonstration as a new feature in Cubase PRO 8.

Check the new resizable GUI feature demonstration in the video ----> Time: 4:30

I doesn’t work right now with windows 7 but when Steinberg fix it, it will be awesome! :smiley:

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I believe the allusion is made at about 4:45 in the Cubase 8 Pro/Volution video.
I must admit though the allegation is rather ambiguous it is not explicitly stated, but one might easily infer.
If Freddie’s question is answered in the negative, then I fail to see what all the hype is about and see no difference in general windows handling.
I think what is being inferred is that unlike before where “certain windows” in Cubase were trapped or confined to the main app window, now all these windows can be freely placed - unconfined. Window sizing is however still a function of the specific window (function) itself.
I think the description in the video is being misunderstood, and the window sizing was just meant to show that expected windows functionality can be expected - not that even windows designed as fixed size can now be resized.

He isn’t talking about “VSTi” or plugins, he’s talking about Cubase child windows. It could be a bit misleading because he used a “plugin”. But, that particular plugin used to be one of those offensive child windows that caused all the other windows to resize.

well i’m not a native english speaker, and i did see the video reference you put before, but from that video at 4:30 i don’t see he is saying all vst plugins are now resizable…!!
for my understanding he just shows the improvements on windows handling with cubase and windows OS. he demonstrated the beat designer because it is resizable, and in earlier cubase versions the window of beat designer could resized and misplaced when closing and opening the plugin… now it doesn’t ! (like Mac OS )
i wish all vst could be resized, but i don’t think it can now.

And, can’t be as the GUI is the premise of the plugin developer, not the host.

Let see what Steinberg has to say.

I’m not native English speaking either but anyhow I got the apprehension like it were possible.

Anyhow I love the new windows management system that remember anything, placement etc. and the look now follows the windows standard in Cubase PRO 8. Also the colors and graphic re-work are amazing. Very vivid and clear colors.
Either way, I’m very pleased anyway what Steinberg has done even if that is not possible yet.

I think freely resizable GUI and ZOOM will be needed and will come as standard perhaps in Microsoft new Windows 10 in the near future. Especially now, more then ever, when people move up to 4K monitors that everything get tiny small…

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Where was this advertised in this way??? I don’t recall seeing anything about it, unless you are only talking about the video already mentioned in this thread where the guy resizes a particular plugin window.

Not on my 55"!

Okay! :slight_smile: :wink: