About the price and extra bundles after purchase Cubase earlier

I’ve bought the Cubase 11 pro around late March or just beginning in April.
When I purchased it, I didn’t even think to use the trial version, because I will buy it anyway, for many reasons. Therefore I started the 30 days trial version and purchased it simultaneously.
However, after the maintenance of their website, I heard some of my friends told me there is a discount for the upgrade from LE. And I tried to negotiate with the support team for a refund or more bundles I need, but they didn’t reply.

Many software if we purchased it earlier just before the events or latest release, will give us a refund or upgrade.

Making a payment on a website is not like offline selling.
We have more flexibility and service if we buy it from offline retailers.
However, same price, no promotion hint, no exchanging policy (even they have many licenses and elicenser ), sometimes passive mailing support (no reply).

I am not saying wrong or right, just want to see what do you think about that.


Please, get in contact with the seller. If you bought your Cubase online from Steinberg’s web-shop, this is operated by Nexway. You should find an email on your invoice.