About the toolbox

Hi all!

Is it possible to customize where i want the items in the toolbox? I.e. change their current location, like having the draw pencil on the first row, and so on.


No I don’t think you can, but you can rearrange the shape of the toolbox.

As Split posted I do not think so but it would be soooo nice and productive if we could.

In C7 maybe? (fingers crossed)


yeah! i really would like to have the one i use the most on the first row at the very left. Would speed up things!


Can you not use the number key for your favourite tool instead? ‘3’ or ‘5’ or whatever?

Well, i have used the toolbox for like 15 years, so im very used with it :slight_smile: If keys very my preference, i would have looked more at Reaper :slight_smile: