About the WaveLab category

The number one mastering and audio editing software.

What is this category for?
In this category, you are welcome to discuss and ask questions about the WaveLab family of products including WaveLab Pro, WaveLab Elements and WaveLab LE.

Who is the moderator?
This category is mostly moderated by WaveLab’s creator and main developer Philippe Goutiert but it is also constantly monitored by other members of the WaveLab team. There are several well-experienced users who support Steinberg as external moderators on this forum as well. Overall responsible for the forum is the Head of ProAudio at Steinberg, Timo Wildenhain.

How to make use of the tags?
Please make use of the provided tags when creating a new post. There are tags for different WaveLab generations – wavelab-10, wavelab-9, etc. – as well as tags for different topics – feature-request, issue, etc.

What can I do with my “Votes”?
The new forum is offering more options to engage with the forum members and the voting option is one them. Over the next weeks we will work on ideas and processes to make the most out of the new features.

Anything else I should know?
If you’re new to this forum, please check the pinned topics in this category for further advice about how to make best use of the forum, a list of frequently asked questions and any other important announcements.

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