About those little a1s and a2s and a3s in Condensing

Hi everyone.

I wish Condensing was smarter and would avoid the barlines altogether when placing the little a1s and a2s and a3s on staves where multiple instruments are represented. To me, if the bars where they should be are too crowded for legible placement, then Dorico should just automatically place them right before the barlines. After all, it’s where I’m going to move them to anyway when it happens. And the little number 1s are virtually invisible when they fall directly on a barline. The only thing that might give them away are the minuscule periods right after them.

Thank you, Dorico team, for a wonderful program in spite of this very small nuisance.


I found that by enlarging the numbers (font/paragraph style) and increasing the padding behind them, I could continue to use Dorico’s placement and increase visibility.

Yes, Derrek, that sounds like a workable work-around (redundant). Thanks. I will try it.