about to bounce

hi,i have just completed a remix.
im not sure what plugs to put on my stereo out.
i had fab filter pro-l on it and when i diabled it,the track sounder better,a bit louder too,and no distortion anywhere.
what advantage would i get from puttin some kind of compressor on the out?
i read loads of tutorials on this kinda thing but i never seem to be abe to put them in practice.

it is a progressive house track,by the way.

If it sounds good with no master bus processing then bounce as it is & then you can have a play with mastering plugs in a separate project & you can always go back to the good basic mix.
Make sure your Cubase master is peaking comfortably below zero at this stage.

A mastering engineer with a fresh set of ears & better monitors & experience might eq it, but if you already mixed it you should have already eq’d it to your liking.
The other usual suspects are (sometimes) gentle compression & then (almost always) limiting to achieve competitive loudness. Depending how good the mix is, it may not be easy to achieve this without unacceptable side effects.

Mastering is all about having the experience to listen to a track & know what it needs…without that experience you can only take a stab at it & hopefully get better over time…or have someone else do it for you.

The limiter would be for the bounced file.