About to embark on a massive Project clean up and ....

So Hello everyone

Been a cubase user for ages and yep, I am THAT ONE who just let the default location be where I would put all my projects. I would just name them for the song.

Apparently I have hundreds of songs in this one location and while I am not concerned with all there are a good 50 or so I want to properly organize into their own project folder now

I watched the Back up Folder or project tutorial and am wondering that it seemed you need to open the project and then back it up.

If i go back to this massive cache and find the correct CPR (and will they have the song name?) will it load everything for that project? and then i do the backup and rename and location?

I have literally done the songs and moved on and not gone back and opened anything that wasn’t in the “Recent” part of Cubase opening. So now that I am going to get a new computer soon I want to organize the last 50 or so.

Anyway, I have learned my lesson! but now i have to go back and separate each project/song into their own folders in a location on my HD. Wish me luck and any pointers would be great lol

and yes I absolutely know this is not best practices, or any practices for that matter!


Yes, opening the project and preparing an archive works fine for me, although it’s usually a case of just doing 1 or 2 at a time rather than 50 :wink: The caveat is I haven’t had to done it on C9 or 9.5 yet but don’t see why it should be any different.

Something I find useful when archiving or moving projects to a new machine is first mixing a copy of every track to individual audio stems, and sticking them in a muted folder before archiving the project. That way if a sample, plugin or VSTi setting etc goes awry due to the move, at least I have an audio reference copy of each track accessible within the new project.

The trouble with moving stuff wholesale is that this relies upon everything being in the right folder. If you have created projects without establishing a working folder structure you cannot be sure where the audio files for that particular project might be stored.

The best approach should be to fire up each project and if the cpr is in a named folder it would then be possible to archive the project. This will bring all the parts from that project into the folder with cpr. Media > Prepare Archive. You can then move the folder to a new location/music drive.

File > Back up Project - can be used also, as you can specified where the new version can be saved to.

It is time consuming but you will learn a lot about the correct structure for organising projects.