About to enable Control Room for the 1st time ... do I need

… do I need to do anything but back up my preferences first?

I’ve decided to take the plunge so I can route to two separate sets of speakers to see how mixes sound … also I’ve been lusting a bit after the “Listen” function, so that will be nice too.

In the early days there were a lot of threads of things going wrong when control room was activated, and although many (IIRC) had to do with having two output buses active at once, there was enough collective angst and misery then that I’m a little bit skittish about it.

And I’m VERY bad at digging out of computer problems when they go wrong, so I’m just trying to do as much preparation work as possible before I make this change, which is a big one in my little universe!

Thanks for any thoughts and advice!

Those things did not go wrong because of the control room, but because of user error.
You don´t need to back up anything, you should RTFM, on how the control room works. that´s all there is really.

Too bad that didn’t include searching for old posts instead of posting questions that have been covered countless time. Seems to be a habit with you. :unamused:

It’s no biggie really, all the scare stories where from people that really didn’t have a clue, I’ve been using the control room for years now (well for ages) and it’s great.

It really is one of Cubases big strengths IMO

OK, Split, thanks mate! I’ve got the chapter printed out now, my little box for dropping down to the home stereo from the DAW comes in tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be up and running in the Control Room this weekend!

All up and running, as far as I can tell, thanks everyone for the moral support.

Only thing not what I expected is that the “light bulb” on the Control Room Listen Enable button doesn’t “light” when I click it in the Control Room. The function itself is intact, there’s just no visual indication of it.

I was also surprised at how it sounded to use the Listen function. Above and beyond the non-listen tracks getting quieter as per specs, it seems like all the world that the track being “listened” to is actually getting louder. I keep telling myself its only an auditory illusion, but I can’t talk myself into saying that it is actually staying the same volume.

Doesn’t affect anything important, so really it’s all good!

Jolly :sunglasses:

The L button in the control room should light up.

in PFL mode, a track with low channel fader volume will of course be louder / different when listen enabled, than the same track in AFL listen mode, or in standard monitoring.
Apart from that, you can set the listen level independent from the standard monitoring level,