About To Install Cubase 7 BUT ????

Hi Folks…Been advised by Support that before I install CB 7 I should delete my preferences folders for Le 6 and Elements 7…that’s fine but are these the right ones in the pic…just double checkin’ coz with me anythings possible (and usually wrong !)…Will the project i’ve been working on at the moment in Elements 7 Still be intact after the CB 7 Install ?

Thanks in advance…

Yes. If you’re wary, you can just rename or move them as well.

Cheers Steve…well here go’s :unamused:

Finally got Cubase 7.00 it installed…cheers for the reply Steve… do i go straight to the 7.06 update or do i have to do this incrementely ? Secondly in the eLicencerscontrol centre under ‘licences’ My CB 7 now says FULL but the one at the top…ALL APPLICATIONS Steinberg, Non Moveable Remaining Time 25hrs ??? Not sure what this is…would really appreciate a push in the right direction.

thanks in advance.


“Non Moveable Remaining Time 25hrs” comes on new dongles when you buy Cubase. I actually bought a second dongle and put that one in a drawer just in case.

Just the 7.0.6 update should do…

A real ‘Pro’ move Steve.

:ugeek: Had to. I would not be able to handle losing it, and waiting. I’d explode or something.