About transposing of notes

Dear everyone

In Dorico Pro, I can transpose notes by alt + up or alt + down after selecting them
However, when I do this, all the accidental information (sharp, flat etc) disappear

Thus, I found that tranposing of notes in Dorico is not satisfactory (not convenient)

In cakewalk 9.0, long times ago, I could transpose notes by semitone
and also, in that case, accidental information could be preserved

So, in Dorico Pro, can I tranpose notes per semitone and preserve accidentals ?

For example, if I tranpose two notes (F# - G) one semitone up,
notes will become G - G#
if I tranpose them three semitones down,
they will become D# - E

I want this way of tranposing

So can I do this in Dorico?

Thank you


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Dear Dan

Oh, thank you

Alt shift arrow really works in that way I want !
I didn’t know that

So, I should use alt shift arrow, not alt arrow (from now)

So thank you so much again and have a nice weekend, Dan
Take care

alt-arrow is diatonic. shift-alt-arrow is chromatic. Simple. Useful.


Dear Marc

So, alt arrow is not recommended

I should use alt shift arrow, this is correct in most cases

I understand
Thank you so much and have a nice weekend, Marc

I wrote that little answer because I really don’t think alt-arrow is not recommended! It’s simply not the same tool. Sometimes you need to move notes diatonically, sometimes chromatically. Use the appropriate tool, that’s all I’m saying.

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Dear Marc

Right, I understand your point

I like Dorico Pro much better than ever now.

So see you again, Marc
Take care

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Just to expand a little further – Shift-Alt/Opt-arrow transposition is by octave division, which in the default 12-EDO tonality system is indeed chromatic, but in 24-EDO would be by quarter tone.


Dear Lillie
Nice to meet you, Lillie

Thank you for your comments and informations

Thanks to your help, now I found tonal system panel in Dorico, where I can choose 24-EDO system etc

I also found there are several links about this topic in our forum and support site.

I will search and study this topic as you advise
Microtonic system is so interesting to me
I want to study and test quarter tonic system, which I have some interest in

So thank you again and have a nice weekend, Lillie
See you again