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I want to hear if anyone has an update for the Halion Symphonic Orchestra stand alone. It’s for the 64bit update.it’s for the old Halion symphonic orchestra from 2007 I want the update for.
I’ve been writing to Steinberg for quite a few months because their manual update page doesn’t work. But the pages are not repaired yet.
Hope to hear something soon?.
Halion symphonic

Kind regards Per Jensen

Hi per_jensen
I’m not quite understanding your post?
The latest version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra is available in the ‘Steinberg Download Assistant’ under ‘VST Instruments & Plugins.’
Also I don’t understand why you are using the old standalone version when it can be accessed through any version of Halion including the free Halion Sonic 7 player? The original standalone GUI is very outdated so I would never use it!
Maybe I’ve misunderstood your post so look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

James Colah

Hi James Colah.The old Halion Symphonic Orchestra work perfectly well also on windows 10.
It contains much more, both of instruments and cost 4000 Danish kroner (480 US dollars in its time).
I love it.
The one in the download manager is a stripped-down version and contains only a few instruments and varioants.
I have had to reinstall and find that my updates to the Halion symphonic are gone or deleted and steinberg’s update pages are out of order. So I write in various cubase forums if some have the 64bit updates lying around for the Halion Symphonic Orchestra(the old version).
Hope to hear something?.
Best regards, Per Jensen

Hi again Per,
I’ve been looking into this to try and help you and have discovered something strange!
I’m using Halion 6 and when I select just Strings in Halion Symphonic Orchestra I get 48 presets but when I select just Strings in the Halion 3 Content I get 495 presets and a lot of them have _16 at the end of the name which I think was how they labelled the original 16 bit and 24 bit content, but I’m not sure!
I would now like to get to the bottom of this too and if it does mean I have all the old content will obviously give it to you if I’m allowed to!

Maybe we should have a chat about this?

Kind regards

James Colah
PS. I bought the HALion Symphonic Orchestra 16-bit Edition back in 2010

The plugin version of HALion Symphonic Orchestra is discontinued and unsupported. Unless I am missing something, all the sounds are available in the VST Sound version that works with HALion Sonic 7, as @jamescolah has said.

Thanks for the help jamescolah.
I have got my help about halion symphonic orchestra.the old program.