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Hi folks,

I recently tried to import some music into Dorico from Sibelius and I got something strange; there were supernumerary ntuple eighth notes in the bars which made it impossible to use my file.
I looked from Sibelius and there is no way to quantize a minimum value on export.
If anyone has an idea.
Nice end of day to all

It might be a good idea to try exporting the Sibelius score again using the Dolet plug-in if you previously tried the built-in MusicXML export in Sibelius 7 or later.

Hi Daniel
thank you for your fast answer.
I’m affraid that I’m not an expert and, since I own a recent version of Sibelius, I dont’t know what is the Dolet plug-in.
I have to notice that this version of Dorico is much more better and works very well with virtual instruments. Congrats !


I’ve had the same issue even when exporting from the Dolet plugin. It’s been a while but if memory serves me right, it was a problem with voices in the original Sibelius file. Try changing those measures in Sibelius so all the problem notes are in voice 1.

Thank you Jesper and James
it’s a bit annoying not to be able to use voice 1 for this reason…
I will download the Dolet 8 for sibelius and hope it will work…

I think the advice was to make sure that all the problematic notes were indeed in voice 1…

Hello Mark
Yes, but to tell the truth it doesn’t matter where the problem comes from, it exists and I don’t see myself changing the voices to get a clean xml.
Dorico has really taken a step forward as I now almost have better rendered scores with the virtual instruments than with a sequencer.

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I had indeed good results with Dolet (even the older version). And sometimes I found it easier and faster to simply delete the offending bar and rewrite it from scratch in Dorico. Get all that’s good from the import and recreate what’s not good. XML import can really eat your time…

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Yes, the problem is that I write orchestral scores and the offending offset is repeated almost all the time, which would mean completely rewriting the score which I have absolutely no intention of doing

Since the problem appears to be in the way that Sibelius constructed the xml file, have you sought help from the Sibelius forums?

You’re right Janus. I should also try to solve the problem by this way.